In beautiful Allgäu

On the edge of the Allgäu Alps, we are located in the Allgäu-metropolis Kempten. Kempten is an urban municipality with over 70,000 inhabitants in the Bavarian administrative district of Swabia. It is the administrative and commercial center of the surrounding economic, holiday and planning region of Allgäu with around 470,000 inhabitants. Kempten is, after Augsburg, the second largest city in the administrative district and is considered one of the oldest cities in Germany, as it was mentioned in antiquity in a written document. You can reach us directly from the A7 via Kempten exit.
Kempten University of Applied Sciences has been located in Kempten since 1977, and has enrolled nearly 6,000 students. It is one of the largest universities in Bavaria.
The medium sized town is located on the border of the Austrian provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg and is a member of the Euregio via salina and the Euregio Bodensee. Due to its central location and its size, it is sometimes referred as the capital of Allgäu.


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